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Anti-Money Laundering Consulting

Many financial institutions and other organizations are sensitive to the possibility of money laundering—with good reason. The potential liabilities, penalties, financial damages and damages to reputations can be severe.

Whether triggered by suspicious activity or proactively designing and managing a Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)-compliant program, Integrity One Solutions can find and document potentially liable activity or design and manage a program to keep your organization in compliance.

As an independent, expert monitor between your organization and your bank, we can help mitigate liabilities and risk to satisfy your bank or other financial institution. If your organization has been terminated by a bank, we can perform a risk assessment and set up a program that will keep you in compliance with a new institution.

Our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) consulting services include:

Reactive and proactive assistance

When a government agency began scrutinizing the donations to a not-for-profit organization operating throughout North America, we assessed the existing protocols. By verifying that it was following proper accounting rules and industry-accepted best practices for handling cash and other donations, the organization was able to satisfy the government inquiry.

The Integrity One Services team includes former IRS special agents that specialize in investigating money laundering, tax evasion, BSA violations, and the mechanisms that trigger Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). This expertise, insight and reputational capital helps clients resolve issues that carry significant civil and criminal penalties.

Anti-Money Laundering Consulting Case Studies

Delinquent Parent Goes into Hiding

Legal Support

A delinquent parent went to great lengths to conceal her new address and employer to avoid paying child support.

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Navigation of Regulatory Landscape Secures Deal


To complete a strategic business acquisition, a public company needed to expedite the licensing process.

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Undercover Investigation Exposes Employee Crime


A venue had concerns that employees were engaging in unethical, and possibly illegal, activities at work.

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