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Successful Navigation of Regulatory Landscape Secures Business Deal

November 6th, 2019  |   Posted in Compliance


A publicly traded company was planning a strategic business acquisition. The deal, however, was contingent upon attaining a regulatory license within a few short months.


With vast and varied backgrounds in the regulatory arena, Integrity One Solutions guided the client through the licensing process from start to finish. To mimic what regulators do, we took a big-picture approach. We reviewed the proposed sale arrangement and licensing applications for accuracy, errors and omissions. We vetted company principals, identified areas of concern, mitigated potential issues, predicted government responses, and retained expert legal counsel. By doing so, we effectively avoided a prolonged period of downtime that would have caused significant financial loss and possibly scuttled the deal.


A process that can often take a year or more was completed in just three months, and the client successfully closed the deal and expanded its suite of services.

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