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Integrity Monitoring

When companies run afoul of government agencies and prosecutorial bodies, they’re often required to retain the services of an independent inspector general to mitigate the issues and to prevent fraud, waste and abuse. This action ensures compliance within the scope of the settlement.

Our experts come from the agencies that oversee those monitoring and compliance programs. We know what regulators expect and what organizations need to do to meet those expectations, and we understand the consequences when that doesn’t happen.

We also understand that monitoring must be done impartially, fairly and with the highest degree of integrity to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Effective monitoring demands constant communication between the monitor, the organization and regulators, documenting that the company is meeting the obligations of its agreement. Both the regulators and the company have to trust that the monitor is acting to help support and enforce the agreement. As an independent third party, the monitor must be unbiased and fair to all concerned.

Monitoring services include:

Avoiding disaster with expert monitoring

Monitoring has two potential benefits: it can bring a company into compliance with regulatory issues, and it can also save a company and even help it prosper.

A major contractor with large public works projects ran afoul of federal, state and local authorities. The issues could have meant complete ruin for the company. The settlement included an agreement that a monitor would serve to rehabilitate the company and to ensure the issues that caused the problems do not recur. We established written principles, codes of conduct, and supporting policies and processes for personnel. Then, through announced and surprise site visits, document reviews, subcontractor vetting and assessments, and regular reporting to oversight bodies, the contractor was able to remain in business and to continue competing for lucrative government contracts.

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