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Employees clock in but can’t be found. A retail or hospitality facility is seeing much more foot traffic, but no increase in sales. “Trusted” employees resist or circumvent oversight.

There are many possible reasons for suddenly suspicious behavior, financial numbers that don’t “look right,” or facilities that seem busier than the revenue would indicate. But management can’t base decisions on rumors, suspicions or speculations.

We supply the documented information that organizations and managers need to make decisions and to take action because of our experience and expertise.

Our team includes a unique blend of former federal and local law enforcement officers, forensic and audit experts. Our expertise spans extensive work in criminal, civil, regulatory and private sector matters. The result: unparalleled information and insight.

We can also help organizations recover from the effects of that activity, as well as install and manage controls to provide better oversight and prevent a recurrence.

Investigations can include:

Finding the answers

Is a long-time bookkeeper stealing? Is a manager overlooking padded invoices? Is a competitor smearing your reputation or stealing trade secrets? Was exculpatory evidence overlooked that could potentially exonerate a client or materially affect the terms of a settlement agreement?

We can discreetly help resolve the issue without media or public attention. We can also provide the information that management needs to make informed decisions and to mitigate financial or reputational risk.

When a major entertainment venue suspected that employees in a certain division were dealing drugs, stealing merchandise and falsifying time records, we recruited, trained and inserted an undercover operative. That professional posed as an employee for over a year, while gathering intelligence on rogue employees and providing real-time information so the company could respond quickly. The company was able to support dismissals for a variety of misdeeds, and management received critical information used to revamp operations and to install stronger internal controls and procedures.

Investigations Case Studies

Cost Overruns Tied to Embezzlement Scheme

Forensic Accounting

When a construction project went over budget by 50%, an extra $2 million, the investors wanted answers.

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Delinquent Parent Goes into Hiding

Legal Support

A delinquent parent went to great lengths to conceal her new address and employer to avoid paying child support.

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Undercover Investigation Exposes Employee Crime


A venue had concerns that employees were engaging in unethical, and possibly illegal, activities at work.

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