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Delinquent Parent Goes into Hiding to Avoid Litigation

November 6th, 2019  |   Posted in Legal Support


A delinquent parent went to great lengths to conceal her new address and the identity of her current employer to avoid paying child support. It was also suspected that she, a healthcare professional, had taken a job across state lines to further shield her income from judicial order. After months without any new leads on her activities, a law firm called Integrity One Solutions to track her down.


Using cutting-edge investigative technology, we placed the woman’s car in a fast food parking lot in a neighboring state months earlier. Then, by methodically searching all healthcare facilities within a 15-mile radius of the restaurant, we successfully located the woman’s place and tenure of employment. Armed with this information, legal counsel was able to accurately calculate the amount of unpaid child support—$33,000.


By combining technology with traditional investigative field work, such as surveillance and witness interviews, we helped the law firm recover child support and petition the court for more intensive oversight of payments.

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