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Anti-Corruption Investigations

A manager decides to abruptly sever relationships with long-time vendors and exclusively use a new company. Vendor invoices are increasing for no obvious reason.

Is a manager steering work to a company in exchange for financial favors, or using vendors to do personal work at company expense? Are kickbacks or other financial favors being traded for contracts?

When a foreman is stealing job materials or a manager has an undisclosed financial relationship with a vendor, the results can devastate an organization. If not discovered and stopped, corruption and theft can spread as other employees see that co-workers are “getting away with it.”

Any unusual or suspicious behavior is worth a close look and potentially an investigation. When spending suddenly increases or consumption of goods or services skyrockets, there’s a possible problem.

With extensive law enforcement and anti-corruption expertise, we can find, document and analyze internal corruption and breaches of corporate integrity. We can also support any subsequent disciplinary or legal action and help trace and recover assets.

Our anti-corruption investigation services include:

A comprehensive strategy to root out corruption

Depending upon the organization, an investigation can include anything from forensic accounting to surveillance to an investigator embedded as an employee. If other employees are likely to know about the fraud, an anonymous employee hotline may be part of the strategy.

The goal is to not only find the corruption, theft or compromised integrity, but also to help build a case that supports any disciplinary or legal action.

One client contacted us because they suspected a trusted facilities manager of steering company business to a company he owned. That ownership had never been disclosed to his full-time employer. The individual was also arranging to have contractors perform work for family and friends at the company’s expense, with financial incentives flowing back to him. We were able to find the hidden ownership ties, document the corruption, and support the client’s subsequent actions against the employee.

Anti-Corruption Investigations Case Studies

Cost Overruns Tied to Embezzlement Scheme

Forensic Accounting

When a construction project went over budget by 50%, an extra $2 million, the investors wanted answers.

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Navigation of Regulatory Landscape Secures Deal


To complete a strategic business acquisition, a public company needed to expedite the licensing process.

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Undercover Investigation Exposes Employee Crime


A venue had concerns that employees were engaging in unethical, and possibly illegal, activities at work.

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