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Undercover Investigation Exposes Employee Crime

Posted on: November 6th, 2019 by i1sadmin No Comments


A large entertainment venue had concerns that a group of employees were engaging in unethical and possibly illegal activities within the workplace. If true, this jeopardized the safety and security of others and threatened to damage the organization’s reputation.


I1S recruited, trained and placed an agent-employee in the venue with the objective to fully integrate and assimilate himself/herself among co-workers, observe behaviors and identify nefarious actors, schemes and methods.


The year-long investigation uncovered merchandise theft, drug and alcohol usage/sales, and falsification of time sheets. The client started seeing results early in the program, as actions of a serious nature were immediately reported up the chain of command and corroborated with internal electronic security measures. Management was able to take swift, corrective action.

Long-term benefits included a deeper understanding of the workplace culture, identification of at-risk employees, and allocation of resources to vulnerable areas.

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